2013-07-24 DOS version, Zyyz It's asking for a code? Contribute The are so well done and way better than the level opening screens. @ZZ: ZZ wrote "Hmm, not the superfrog i remember. 0 point Screenshots from 2012-10-26 it is asking for copy protection code? It's asking for a code? DOS version. Play as the slime covered animals in these games dedicated to frogs. FAQ Team 17 implements this very cliche premise so well that Superfrog stands out among platformers. run Superfrog, read the Set on a distant planet in the future, this old PC game is far more story-driven, forcing you to interact with mysterious alien lifeforms and races that previously inhabited the planet. Just one click to download at full speed! Hop on top of small patches of grass that may be floating and shifting making it difficult for you to hop on. First half of the screen is a bidirectional flow of road traffic, including buses, cars and race cars. Watch out for obstacles - don’t fall into the river or get eaten by a crocodile! Games on Steam Browse the newest, top selling and discounted PC games on Steam New and Trending Top Sellers What's Being Played Upcoming Results exclude some products based on your preferences. FROG. From upcoming PC games like Mortal Kombat 11 to forgotten old games and obscure indie games, there’s a rich tapestry of fighters to square off against. 2 points Indie, Pixel Graphics, Story Rich, Hand-drawn-33%. Each playing field has a grooved channel that winds and twists about, and a stone frog "idol" in the center. It's a game the will sta with me to the day i die. 0 point :D, Kinshasa It has all the great gameplay and graphics. Taking screenshots After your wrists are tired from all that jumping and bouncing, you might have to restart the level all over again if you fail to win the password. I keep having very vague memories of this frog game. DOS version, nor Play a variety of high quality frog games today. Step 7: Enjoy playing The Amazing – frog Simulator Game from your computer #2: how to use The Amazing – frog Simulator Game on PC … @Admin: Play more than 400 games - puzzle, word & arcade classics. 0 point Welcome to FROG! The PC has always been home to a number of fantastic strategy games. The game is a good example of a flawless execution of a mundane concept. The levels include Forest, Haunted House, Ice World, Egyption, Carnival, and Space. The main idea has not changed – a combination of the same items and their destruction. You have to be strategic and patient when choosing to jump DOS version, Mymoon Download Frog Frenzy for Windows to guide Froggy through traffic and across rivers and lakes to escape the city. Now everyone knows such games as Zuma Deluxe, Revenge, Indian Mystic Zuma, Balls, Blitz or games about the Dolphin or Bongo monkey. I played it around 2003-2004, it was a Frog game but it's not like those silly frog games. It must have came out sometime in the early 90's because I was also playing "The Lost Vikings" a lot at that time. I was ecstatic to get it, i had to beg my parents to get it for over 3 months before they got it. DOS version. DOS version, husssain Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. 0 point 2012-10-04 2016-11-25 what is the copy protection? It was on the computer, I had it on windows xp That’s about all the information I know. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! The object of the game, like most other games of its ilk, is to collect the required amount of coins and get to the exit in each level. pan10oll. ® Frogs? Of of the best games on Amiga in the 90ies! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny. so many fond memories of it. - Trade frogs and habitat items with friends - Breed a diverse and unique collection of frogs - Play anytime, online or off - Beautiful high resolution Retina graphics - Customize and decorate each o… 2013-11-13 DOS version.

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