How much you will be paid for your work is a rather important in some cases. Even if you have been able to find a job yourself and fully understand the process, some countries (if you’re looking to work in the USA for example) require that you to apply for your visa through a sponsoring organization and you'll have to follow the formalities and pay the fees. Sometimes a company will ask you to handle it on your own. Are your qualifications valid in the country you’ll be visiting? Finding a place to live can be the hardest part about heading abroad for an extended period: big cities are expensive and cheap accommodations are in great demand. Not having a ‘why’ will make the ‘what’ a lot harder to secure. At home, you most likely won’t need any extensive documentation, will already know where you will be living, will already have a group of friends in your immediate circle, and upfront costs for starting your job are next to nothing (in many instances you actually get a signing bonus!) – What motivates you? Interviewing for an international position is much different than your regular job, and it should be treated accordingly. © 1997-2021 Transitions Abroad Publishing, This varies greatly by country and is something that should be thoroughly discussed. This usually leads to working pro-bono or under the table for a few months, and then a) be on your merry way or b) get legitimate. While great jobs can be found, they are rare and being offered one is even rarer. Questions About You as a Teacher . Strategy 35 Smart Questions Great Candidates Ask During Job Interviews I asked more than a million LinkedIn users offer their favorite questions for potential employers. Either way, if you discuss this early on it will help. Ask the company early on what duration they would like to bring you on board for, and how flexible they are on these durations. Experienced interviewers will immediately recognise a stock answer. Make sure that you read the job description and sign a clearly written contract before you accept any form of employment in order to know what is expected of you and your position. This is a question especially relevant if you’re looking to teach English somewhere! Inc. There’s nothing worse than getting to the later stages of an interview only to have your employer realize that you want a job 6 months from now and they lose interest or can’t plan that far ahead. However, just because you are making 1/3 of your salary often doesn’t actually mean you are making less, in some instances it can be quite the opposite. The very nature of working and traveling abroad means that you probably won’t be staying in a position very long. – What has been your most positive teaching experience? This assistance could be financial, connecting you to brokers or websites, or connecting you to an internal HR who points you in the right direction. What do you think the main challenges will be for you teaching in a different country? FYI: Questions number 1, 5 & 6 on the list are very impressive to prospective employers. Paid time off isn’t the same from country to country. Women (especially if you’re traveling alone) should be particularly careful of seemingly great offers abroad. You’ll inevitably have to read a lot of fine print before you apply for your visa, unless you hire an agent or lawyer. Show your interest by asking questions. Check out the company website, use your favorite search engine, use any phone numbers to verify that your hiring manager is who he/she says they are, and always try and contact past employers or other international staff. Agencies can certainly be worth the money, but not all. Should you choose help from an agent, make sure you’re clear what’s available and what you get for your money (some agencies offer little more than a list of links to employment websites or a book with address to contact). Salaries do not transfer internationally, and looking for a job based on what you currently make is a flawed approach. It is often just as easy (and certainly cheaper) to do so yourself. 4) If Accommodations Are Not Included, Can I Find Somewhere to Live? Be careful regarding positions you are offered that seem too good to be true: Great benefits, high wages, your own apartment in the city, all travel expenses paid, etc. If the company stalls or delays on this, watch out. Being less than honest on your application can be a reason for your visa to be canceled. This is simply a waste of everyone’s time, and leads to frustration all around. It’s important that you and your potential employer are on the same page with when you can begin working. Then there will be others who have simply never tried it and are clueless. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 229 companies. In english, Interview. Unfortunately, these same assumptions don’t apply when you’re looking for an opportunity to work abroad. However when working internationally, this rarely happens. Currently, this is still the most popular way that people work abroad. Some important points to be aware of for your visa: 7) Should I Apply through a Visa Service? Ask upfront. Others have tried it once before and had a bad experience so they will be very skeptical. See what you can negotiate. What do you think of your current school and how do you think it could be improved? 3) Will I have time during normal working hours to search? That is not to say that the job may be rewarding to you for a myriad of other reasons—from educational to technical to inspirational. To judge a candidate’s commitment to living and working in South Africa, ask them the following: 1. Many younger people do not initially decide to work abroad in order to start saving large sums of money. In addition, when interviewing for an internal position, you will be asked specific questions about why you want to leave your present job.When answering these questions, you want to avoid critiquing your present job or supervisor. While I have outlined many practical precautions above, as I said in my opening, there are many types of enjoyable jobs abroad to be had (see the many articles written by satisfied participants and more expert advice and options for finding the jobs appropriate for you on the website). You have to answer a torrent of questions on the spot and sell yourself to a hiring manager — sometimes even a room full of strangers. Getting information from previous employees is a massive help. Not all countries have strict employment laws and, even if they do, employers will not necessarily enforce these rules. Regardless of the country to which you apply, going through an organization will help ensure that you follow the correct procedures, but it may not be worth the additional cost. These are the questions we feel are the most important to ask, specifically in the context of international work. If you’re looking for a position to advance in your career or gain experience in a certain field, make sure you contact employers beforehand to see if these opportunities exist and be realistic about what you can expect. Now that you know the benefits of asking, let’s look at the questions to ask before accepting a job offer.

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